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SimWare Developer

SimWare Developer

SimWare SimDeveloper is based on the Model Driven Development (MDD) paradigm, providing a Simulink based GUI for the development of Simulation Assets. Because no computing skills are necessary, SimDeveloper provides a very high productivity development environment for M&S engineers, minimizing time to market, reducing both cost and risk for the development of high-fidelity simulation models.

SimDeveloper provides a Visual M&S Development Environment. Based on Simulink, this tool focuses the development in the mathematical and engineering modeling, not in the coding, as postulated by the Model Driven Architecture (MDA) paradigm.

The use of SimDeveloper enables the concept of M&S repositories. The configuration element will be the engineering model, not the source code. Generated code is in full compliance with SimWare architecture.

SimDeveloper is based on Mathworks® products: Matlab and Simulink and their associated code generators. It generates ANSI C++ code that has the clarity and efficiency of professional handwritten code. The generated code is exceptionally compact and fast, essential requirement for real time performance.

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