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SimWare RTI

SimWare RTI

SimWare RTI is the first HLA implementation that uses DDS for the communication layer.

Use your HLA federate "as is" and take advantaje of the best communication layer.

SimWare RTI takes advantage of DDS features to open the network interface and to deliver real time performance in data distribution.

SimWare RTI can be used as an standalone product, in HLA federations with real time requirements or with requirements to integrate with DDS compliant systems, and also as the HLA middleware to SimWare, providing HLA compliance to SimWare based solutions.

It is a HLA Run Time Infrastructure designed for Real Time Performance in large HLA Federations. SimWare RTI offers all the functionality of a HLA RTI with the performance, power and reliability of DDS. SimWare RTI provides every simulation service required for Virtual and Live simulation:

  • Federation Management

  • Declaration Management

  • Object Management

  • Property Management
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