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Standards are at the core of interoperability and reusability.

Presagis supports industry standards that make the development of both M&S and embedded applications easier and more efficient. Their entire product portfolio is built on open standards, so Presagis products can fit into most development pipelines. In addition, any Presagis software application can leverage user plugins and can integrate with other third party products.

Modeling & Simulation

Synthetic Environments

Embedded Display Graphics


OpenFlight is the leading visual database standard in the world and has become the defacto standard format in the visual simulation industry. The logical hierarchical scene description file format in OpenFlight tells the real-time image generator what, when, and how to render, resulting in real-time 3D scenes with unmatched precision and reliability.

Developers will enjoy its flexibility, open connectivity, and easy interoperability along with such advanced real-time functions as

  • Levels of detail (LOD)
  • Culling volumes
  • Switch Nodes
  • Drawing priority
  • Binary separating planes

OpenFlight API

Presagis application programming interfaces (APIs) are a quick and easy means of accessing and extending OpenFlight's geometry, attribution, and palette information. The API also facilitates the development of specialized tools and utilities to augment the set of powerful general-purpose modeling tools in Creator. Levels and highlights of the OpenFlight API include the following:

OpenFlight Read/Write API
  • Read, write, convert, or load OpenFlight data in a native, consistent, and efficient way.
OpenFlight Extensions API
  • Extend the nodes or palettes of the file formats in OpenFlight to support IG-specific and application specific features.

OpenFlight Tools API

With OpenFlight Tools API, you can register and plug-in code for your unique tools or algorithms. In addition, plug-in code can take advantage of the 3D rendering, GUI, database tools, and other features in Creator.

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