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Terra Vista

The Terra Vista software tool suite from Presagis is the ideal solution for the development of realistic and immersive simulations.

To achieve great content, content creation tools must remain intuitive and easy to use, must work to optimize productivity, and must integrate seamlessly into a project's workflow.

Terra Vista supports the highest number of terrain format exports in the world, making it easy to create a unique simulation environment that meets the needs of any project.

The Terra Vista family of products includes:

Terra Vista Base
With the largest terrain generation install base consisting of thousands of customers in over 48 countries worldwide, Terra Vista Base is the ideal software solution for meeting the most basic to the most sophisticated terrain requirements.

Terra Vista ProBuilder
Terra Vista ProBuilder offers all the features in Terra Vista Base plus more output options and key integrations with productivity options, including Teamwork and Multi-Machine Build™ (MMB). ProBuilder also offers native support for TerraPage and OpenFlight® visual formats and DTED, ASCII, Geo-Tiff, ECW, and Shapefile source data formats.

Terra Vista DART
Terra Vista Database Automated Re-Use Technology (DART™) is the most sophisticated Presagis terrain software available that supports the re-use of legacy databases, the production of new databases, and the industry's highest level of correlated outputs.


  • Interviewer Wizard - Automatically calculates the default block size and the number of LODs;
    • Sets top-level project parameters
  • Vector Editor - Integrated into the thumbnail view, the Vector Editor allows imagery and elevation data to be used as reference while vectors are being created or edited
  • 3-D Editor - Allows for the addition, editing (position, scale, and orientation), and deletion of 3D models
  • Icon-based Library - Simplifies the selection of both 3D models and 3D textures
  • Rule-based Construction - The user defines how functions are executed in the database by mapping data attributes to functions
    • Project construction becomes userindependent
    • Existing projects can act as templates, thereby allowing less experienced users to produce complex databases
    • Changing source material resolution does not require re-starting the entire project
  • Building with Terra Vista Blocks - Single neighborhood or entire earth can be built with one project
    • Individual blocks can be updated independently of the others
    • Blocks require fewer system resources to produce databases
    • Blocks provide superior data, system, and power tolerance
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