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Document Management Services

Experience That Counts

Loyola supports our customers by converting handwritten, bound/unbound, small and large format color maps, digital media and non-standard size documents into standardized digital formats. Our final products are delivered on physical media (CD-ROM, DVD, etc.) and/or accessible and searchable over the Web via digital library interface.

Document Solutions

Since 1997, Loyola has been providing our customers with digital document services and Web library technology. Our customers have experienced significantly reduced costs with immediate and total access to thousands of legacy and current documents for internal, external, and public use.

Our document specialists have various options they can offer to provide our customers a flexible and non-invasive consolidation of important documents.

For sensitive documents, our Specialists can operate inside your facility or at your location to avoid moving or removing hard copy documents or documentation on digital media. Where on-site document processing is not possible, documents can be moved to a temporary off-site location, processed, and then returned.

For large numbers of documents, our facility in Hampton Virginia is equipped for processing huge numbers of documents that can be turned around in short period of time.

Document Process

Our process reduces labor and automates document capture and processing. Loyola can further automate the process by providing our customers direct upload of digital documents from various types of media to a digital library accessible from a desktop computer. The digital library provides geographic location, keyword and phrase searching across all documents by utilizing metadata extraction capabilities incorporated into the database.

Loyola Enterprises has been supporting digital conversion of documentation for our customers nationwide. Loyola’s developers are constantly evaluating new document technologies capabilities to automate and enhance document processing to further lower cost and reduce time. We are also continually improving our processes to reduce the time required on-site.

Using our proven processes and technologies, Loyola has reduced costs to our customers by 60% and has reduced conversion and processing time for digital documents upwards of 90%. Our on-site workflow provides our customers the convenience of continuous access to their documents since the documents are not removed and shipped elsewhere for processing. Loyola’s web-based digital library applications provide controlled and secure access for internal, external and if required, public access to browse, search and download the documents based on a rights and authorization profile.

Site Coordination

Loyola document specialists contact customer representatives prior to a visit to coordinate the scope and specifics of the documents that need processing. Loyola will review any special guidance necessary for verifying specific documents that are covered under a legal or regulatory provision. Following verification of the documents, a Loyola document specialist will schedule a visit.

Site Preparation

The Loyola document specialist arrives at the customer site and meets with the customer POC to discuss specifics of the site visit and to obtain all hard copy documents, maps, and CD/DVD media. All documents are screened for duplicates, condition, and OCR readability. The documents are then staged by removing all binding materials. All CD/DVDs and hardcopy documents are then organized and logged.

Document Capture

Loyola has developed an on-site mobile scanning capability utilizing a high throughput scanner that captures color, black and white, and up to 11” x 17” documents. If large format black and white or color maps (up to E size) are part of the task, arrangements will be made to scan these types of documents using locally available resources. Existing CD/DVD media are copied to a high capacity storage drive. The scanned and digital documents are QA’d, assigned unique numbers and are returned as directed by the customer. All document capture and processing can be accomplished without removing any documents from the customer site.

Document Processing – Distribution

Loyola maintains dedicated servers that OCR the scanned documents and converts them into text searchable documents in Adobe PDF format. Loyola has developed automated batch processing software that generates and inserts coversheets into each document as well as develops electronic file lists from the scanned document file names. This software also has the capability to automatically insert numbered covers and "Final Page" covers at the beginning and end of each document as well as bate stamping each page of the document if desired. Finished documents will be provided on customer specified electronic media. For documents added to a digital library, finished documents are loaded into the database, automated text processing, and searchable metadata indexes are developed and the documents are then immediately available to users via a Loyola developed digital library web browser interface.

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