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Creator Terrain Studio

The Creator Terrain Studio terrain generation software manages the process and workflow necessary to face the challenges and complexities of generating scalable terrain environments for real-time 3D applications.

Delivering tools for creating superior synthetic environments, Creator Terrain Studio offers you the freedom to design a terrain database generation workflow with a hierarchical, top-down approach. By streamlining operations and enabling the seamlessly integration of powerful tools, this extensible toolset offers the most advanced terrain and imaging solutions available for real-time 3D modeling.

In addition, the ability of Creator Terrain Studio to capture the 3D scene-building process allows you to design a database generation workflow using a hierarchical, top-down approach and to then run the entire workflow or any subset of it. Because the process is captured, it can be re-used on other applications, which saves time and increases productivity. Creator Terrain Studio also tracks and updates terrain building processes, allowing you to restart any process should it stop due to system failure or inadequate data.

With Creator Terrain Studio, you can describe an entire 3D terrain database in the MetaFlight format—an XML-derived schema that describes the overall organization and structure of the data—and then publish the 3D scene in OpenFlight. The MetaFlight format facilitates the implementation of the real-time structure and hierarchy awareness of Creator Terrain Studio databases, improving paging efficiency and runtime configuration management.

Creator Terrain Studio also provides the tools required for effectively re-using existing OpenFlight, TerraPage, and SGI Clip Texture databases. Existing databases can be optimized to take advantage of the performance and advanced rendering techniques of the Virtual Texture capability in Vega Prime.


  • Task, Style and MetaFlight Explorers helps you create, edit and manage tools, 3D culture projection styles and data sets
  • Powerful imaging tools allow users to create stunning, high-resolution virtual textures or tiledtextures to drape over terrain surfaces
  • Multiple tiled terrain meshes at different levels of resolution
  • Extensive library of over 650 3D models and photorealistic textures to create richly detailed cultural landscapes
  • Simple publishing tools to elevation data formats, OpenFlight® and the MultiGen- Paradigm MetaFlight™ database schema
  • Validation and Verification tools ensure that published databases meet required specifications and performance criteria
  • Image, Terrain, Culture and Sensor Wizards guide users through the process of creating production workflows that are ready-to-run

Software Options:

  • CTS Sensors - prepares and creates the sensor textures used by the scene generation software to accurately render the characteristics of the sensor scene. Necessary to any sensor simulation development workflow, it provides the accurate generation of large area geo-specific IR and NVG capable Virtual Textures as well as geo-typical sensor texture generation tools.
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