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Creator is the industry's leading software for creating highly optimized high-fidelity real-time 3D content for use in visual and urban simulations as well as in other applications.

Specifically designed for real-time 3D simulation, Creator streamlines the modeling process and increases your productivity by enabling you to easily and effectively create highly detailed 3D models and digital terrains. The powerful plug-in architecture together with the integrated and extensible toolset provide interactive real-time 3D modeling power for creating precise visually exceptional content and synthetic environments.

One of the key characteristics and a major differentiator of Creator is its extremely high level of precision, control, and accuracy at all levels of the scene, from site level to vertex level. Extensible and multi-purpose, the Creator software provides immersive control over your entire modeling process. The polygon-based authoring system in Creator quickly generates optimized object models, high fidelity terrain, and realistic synthetic environments. And, because Creator displays the scene that you are modeling in an OpenGL-direct renderer, you can build and make real-time changes from within the world being created.

OpenFlight® is the de facto standard real-time 3D database file format and is the native output file format of Creator, offering comprehensive interactive control. The customizable extension capabilities of the OpenFlight format provide a common ground for its diverse users and a mechanism to save and re-use objects or environments for future projects.


  • Wizards for quickly generating runways, billboards, bridges, buildings, and tree models
  • Advanced polygon generation and editing tools that quickly produce textured primitive geometry and organic shapes
  • Texture Power Tools "pre-wrap" coordinates for easy 3D texture mapping using common 2D concepts
  • Dynamic texture mapping tools are easy to apply and modify
  • Precise and reliable real-world unit and geo-coordinate authoring
  • 3D painting includes a custom tool palette and an integrated texture editor
  • Advanced light string/light point modeling and editing that directly feeds into realtime applications
  • Creator provides Radiosity Tools for the automatic generation of light maps to significantly improve scene accuracy and realism
  • Shader Palette offers the capability to attach, preview, and control nVIDIA Cg and OpenGL shader programs to OpenFlight files for significantly improving the visual realism of models and scenes
  • Expanded set of Deformation Tools facilitates the construction of more irregular or organic shaped geometry
  • Interoperability with Google Earth

Software Options:

  • Creator Pro - includes all of the capabilities of Creator plus the extra power necessary to create high-definition areas-of-interest. The unique integration of polygon modeling, vector editing, and terrain creation in Creator Pro offers unsurpassed efficiency and productivity.
  • Creator Road Tools - rapidly create realistic roadways for high-fidelity realtime 3D graphics applications. Enhances the realism of urban simulations and transportation visual simulation applications by using accurate and advanced algorithms for synthetic road generation.
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