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The de-facto standard for the rapid prototyping, designing, testing, and deploying of Human Machine Interfaces (HMI).

VAPS is designed for the development of dynamic interactive real-time graphical HMIs for complex applications, including the displays and controls found in the cockpit of an aircraft as well as in automobile instrumentation. This industry-leading integrated development environment allows you to

  • define the look and feel of HMIs by drawing or importing graphics (supports both vector and raster based graphics),
  • connect data to graphics,
  • define interactive state-based logic,
  • manipulate graphics using a comprehensive library of C-functions called Action Routines,
  • connect VAPS applications to other external applications using a built-in communication library,
  • perform rapid iterative testing of HMI applications.

VAPS Designer

VAPS Designer is an entry-level VAPS package intended for the rapid prototyping, design, and specification of HMI graphics and for developing HMIs for simulation applications. VAPS Designer is ideal for building applications requiring high quality graphics, including

  • cockpit avionics,
  • vehicle instrument clusters,
  • driver information systems,
  • other vehicle and naval electronic displays.

The Object Library in VAPS Designer contains drag and drop objects that can be easily modified to meet specific project needs. You can also expand the Object Library to include your own custom objects.

VAPS Developer

VAPS Developer includes all the functionality of VAPS Designer and allows you to generate stand-alone executables using the C-Code Generator (CCG) Lite. CCG Lite technology allows you to rapidly produce executables that have been optimized for minimal memory footprint, minimal initialization time, and maximum screen refresh rate. CCG Lite applications can be ported to any hardware platform, graphics library, as well as any COTS or proprietary Real-Time Operating Systems (RTOS) using the VAPS Rehost toolkit.

VAPS Rehost

The VAPS Rehost Toolkit is a complete deployment tool that contains all of the capabilities of VAPS Developer as well as source code libraries, sample code, and utilities that facilitate the retargeting of VAPS HMIs to a variety of real-time embedded systems. Due to the optimizations provided by CCG Lite, the VAPS Rehost Toolkit is ideal for the development of executables deployed within embedded systems with reduced memory capabilities. Applications of the VAPS Rehost Toolkit include avionics cockpit applications as well as automotive instrumentation display systems.

The VAPS Rehost Toolkit provides all the components of VAPS Developer, plus the following items:

  • CCG Lite Source Code Libraries for OpenGL for retargeting HMI applications to real-time, embedded systems
  • Automatic sample compilation and linking of makefile, sample main program, ported VAPS libraries, and generated code for producing a stand-alone and portable application executable
  • Documentation in the form of the VAPS CCGLite Porting Guide

Software Options:

  • VAPS DesignDoc - outputs Microsoft Word documents detailing all aspects of a VAPS-built HMI by automatically querying the design files for all of the required documentation details.
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