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Creator VT Studio

Creator VT Studio provides the key components of Creator Terrain Studio (CTS) for imagery optimization and for deploying existing databases in Vega Prime.

Excelling at the generation of virtual textures and the re-use of existing OpenFlight, TerraPage, and SGI Clip Texture databases, Creator VT Studio converts and optimizes these databases to take advantage of the performance and advanced rendering techniques of Virtual Texture in Vega Prime.

Using Creator VT Studio, you can convert existing geo-specific tiled texture or SGI Clip texture databases and optimize them in such a way that allows you to take advantage of the ability of Virtual Texture to treat your imagery as a single graphics state in Vega Prime. Additionally, after optimizing a database, adding high resolution imagery, and using CTS Sensor to generate accurate sensor textures for correlated out-the-window, IR and NVG visualizations can also be accomplished.

Creator VT Studio delivers the components of CTS needed to convert existing databases for use in Vega Prime, including CTS Framework, CTS Utilities, and CTS Virtual Texture. Creator VT Studio publishes OpenFlight to Vega Scene Binaries (VSB) and also supplies the tools for converting TerraPage archives into OpenFlight or VSB.


  • Effective framework for metadefinition, process setup and execution
  • Spatial data views and 3D previewer
  • Convert existing tiled textures into virtual texture
  • Add high resolution imagery to existing imagery or build virtual texture from scratch
  • Chop geometry into optimal grid structure for virtual texture
  • Remove border pixels used in tiled texture designs
  • Publish OpenFlight or VSB format
  • Convert TerraPage archives into OpenFlight format
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