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Lyra is a COTS image generator application delivering 60Hz performance that requires no additional programming and includes everything you need for immediate use.

Developed from the Vega Prime real-time 3D development environment, Lyra operates on multiple hardware/operating system platforms and utilizes two host simulation interfaces, CIGI and FlightICD, to maximize compatibility with your existing simulators. And the GUI configuration tools in this ready to use application provide quick and easy configuration and deployment.

Lyra Sensors

Lyra Sensors includes all of the functionality of Lyra plus the ability to generate infrared (IR) and night vision goggles (NVG) simulation. Lyra and Lyra Sensors were designed as ready to use applications requiring no additional programming to operate, resulting in maximum productivity gains. To ensure rapid implementation, they include a sample database to validate installation and system performance as well as such utility tools as a CIGI packet logger to record and play back scenarios. Both Lyra and Lyra Sensors incorporate a broad range of functionality, making them ideal solutions for different types and scales of interactive 3D visual applications.

Features & Benefits

  • A ready to use image generator application including everything needed for immediate use
  • GUI configuration tools provide quick and easy configuration and deployment
  • Pre-defined effects, and mission functions included
  • Includes entity, cultural feature, and large area terrain management
  • Head tracker integration
  • An out of the box application that requires no additional programming to operate resulting in maximum productivity gains
  • Support for both CIGI and FlightICD host interfaces for maximum flexibility
  • Support for both Windows® and Linux operating systems
  • High dynamic range atmospheric and illumination model provides accurate and compelling rendering of scenes in all times of day. Lyra provides visible out-the-window (OTW) display and Lyra Sensors provides OTW capability plus Infrared IR and NVG wavelengths
  • Accurate ephemeris model for rendering of sun, moon, and representative stars
  • Onship lighting and light systems for realistic night scenes
  • Realistic rendering of special effects, environment effects, and weather states
Maximum Performance
  • Low latency 60Hz image generation
  • Stress management
  • Image synchronization
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