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Offering analysts, trainers, simulation users, and planners a full range of capabilities right out-of-the-box, S-Mission is the ideal solution for military and civil modeling and simulation, emergency management, and command and control.

S-Mission accurately calculates trajectories, flight characteristics, and weather effects because it is the only simulation toolset that works with all terrain databases to produce correlated output across all formats. In addition, resources in S-Mission grow on demand as better performance, higher entity counts, or greater numerical accuracy become necessary.

S-Mission is a turn-key synthetic environment generation (SEG) application that features the following:

  • High-fidelity simulation core
  • Computer Generated Forces (CGF)
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • 2D / 3D view for scenario creation
  • Lightweight 3D viewer
  • Weather conditions server
  • Integrated behavior editor
  • Open framework
  • Sound effects server
  • Free runtime infrastructure (RTI)

The easy-to-use GUI allows you to add, edit, or customize simulated entities, behaviors, rules, sounds, and dynamics for use in the scenario environment in S-Mission. With S-Mission, you can use your data and expertise and build accurate, modular and extensible simulation solutions.

S-Mission supports popular simulation interoperability protocols, including HLA and DIS, making S-Mission either a soft alternative to expensive communications frameworks or an affordable extension to existing investments. S-Mission also provides a comprehensive range of land and maritime entity behaviors as well as the most sophisticated air behaviors on the market. Dynamics, Sensors, Weapons, and behaviors are all handled by the physics-based CGF in S-Mission.

In addition, the ability to read TerraPage as a native format for 2D and 3D visualization on the terrain server means that S-Mission also assures perfect correlation. You can use S-Mission to build exercises from both 2D and 3D windows. Its internal lightweight 3D Viewer is ideal for quickly controlling, checking, and observing the behaviors of entities in the simulation exercise. And, through its interoperability capabilities, S-Mission can also communicate with your favorite visualization solution.

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